Repair or Replace Your Home’s Siding?

Siding not only beautifies your home’s aesthetic appeal but it also protects your interior and keeps moisture out by standing between the outside elements and your interior drywall and insulation.

Just because the siding of your home looks fine visually doesn’t mean that there are no problems lurking underneath. Often, home owners in Portland do not discover the hidden damage behind the façade of the siding on time. Timely identification of the damage and repair can help you save hundreds of dollars which otherwise you might have to spend in replacement.

4 Surefire Signs for Siding Repair in Portland

Here are some signs that indicate that your home sidings need attention:

1.    Frequent Painting

The exterior of your home should retain a coat of paint for 8-10 years at least. However, if you have to paint it once every 3-5 years due to chipping and pealing, then it indicates a serious problem.

2.    Deterioration and Aging

All sidings age differently depending on the material they are made of and how they are maintained. Vinyl siding may show signs of aging due to solar weathering while wood siding rot and warp over time and Masonite-type of siding starts to crack at the edges. In any case, you may have to consider siding repair to protect your home’s exterior and interior.

3.    Cupping

Cupped wood siding is a sign for repair. Cupping occurs when the siding attached to the wall exposes due to changing weather and the protective coating (paint) breaks down.

4.    Fading

Exposure to sunlight, improper cleaning chemicals and cleaning techniques (pressure washing set too high) are the primary causes of vinyl siding surface deterioration. The result is – vinyl siding with dull, chalky appearance. In addition to siding repair, we also specialize in painting services. We can assist you with painting your siding too.

What to Do About Your Siding?

For siding repair in Portland Oregon, get in touch with MJB Restoration. We will first inspect your siding carefully and then provide you with the right repair solution.

At MJB Restoration, no siding repair job is too small for us. We pay attention to details and perform each job personally.

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